Quality Supervision in Every Case With Burlow and Spencer

May 01, 2018

All cases taken by Burlow and Spencer include direct supervision from DDR Legal Services LLP in compliance with Section 84 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.  Burlow and Spencer hold supervision and case quality to the highest standard, and oversight is imperative for a thorough application.

In any case, making sure there are no boxes left unchecked is crucial for a good outcome.  Many immigration cases can be delayed by improper quality control and lapsed information, but with management from DDR Legal Services LLP, nothing gets left behind.

Step 1

All new cases begin by being examined by DDR Legal Services LLP.  Immediately to follow, a seasoned Immigration Caseworker executes a comprehensive fact find and engages in a detailed discussion about the individual case.

Step 2

With the use of cloud technology, the Immigration Caseworker outlines a client care letter and document list to be approved by DDR Legal Services LLP.  Once approved, the list is sent to the client.

Step 3

Burlow & Spencer will draft and approve a representative letter to accompany the application, which is then sent to the client once it is approved by DDR Legal Services LLP.

Step 4

After the client approves all measures, DDR Legal Services LLP reviews all files and documents, and will sign off preceding completion.


Burlow and Spencer utilises a unique electronic tasking system to ensure that nothing is omitted. This system prevents Immigration Caseworkers from tackling the next step until each phase has been authorised by DDR Legal Services LLP. By completion, each case will have undergone extreme measures to ensure every facet was executed properly.


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