It is with regret that we must inform our prospective clients, that at this stage, we will not be taking any further instructions from new clients. We can assure our existing clients that we will continue to address any concerns that they have and provide the appropriate level of customer service that each case requires. Unfortunately this position and decision has been brought about due to the actions of a public body, that is beyond our control. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. We will post an update on the current situation shortly.



Burlow and Spencer’s team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds and creeds, working towards the achievement of the firm’s common purpose: to provide our clients with reputable representation and a successful litigation. The firm exerts efforts in ensuring that it is all-inclusive, and embraces diversity. We believe that this core principle is central to the success of our operation.

We have implemented a number of initiatives, both internally and in partnership with our clients, to promote diversity and equal opportunities in our workplaces. We liaise with like-minded businesses in achieving the goal of developing a diverse work environment.

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