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The Surinder Singh Route

Applying for a UK Spouse Visa (AKA UK Marriage Visa) to live with your British partner is a momentous and exciting decision. However, we also understand that applying on your own can be a stressful experience.

At Burlow & Spencer, we offer a special Spouse Visa service called the Surinder Singh Route. This service allows the foreign partner to live in the Republic of Ireland gaining a UK Marriage Visa without needing to comply with the minimum standard of English or the minimum threshold of earning £18,600 per year.

What Is The Surinder Singh Route?

Imagine the following scenario:

British national Suzanne can only bring her non-EU spouse John to the UK if she earns a minimum of 18,600.

Under European freedom of movement, Suzanne can work in the Republic of Ireland (which is not part of the UK), which is and bring John there also for a period of up to 3 months.

After the 3 months is finished, both Suzanne and John can move to a part of the UK without her having to earn 18,600.

How Can Burlow & Spencer Guarantee My Surinder Singh Route Spouse Visa?

British citizens who have worked and lived in another EU country to return to the UK with their non-EU spouse. This is also known as the Surinder Singh route.

Burlow & Spencer will obtain a visa for your spouse in Ireland, the only documents we need are your passports and marriage certificate.

Once your spouse has their visa (usually within a month), we arrange employment and help you find accommodation, so everything is ready when you arrive in Ireland together.

We take care of all the documentation and applications and visas so you and your spouse can enjoy your working holiday in Ireland and return to the UK together legally.

What About My Employment?

One of the conditions to benefit from the Surinder Singh route is employment or self-employment in Ireland. Paid employment is provided in our package, so you won’t have to create a CV or spend time looking for work. You can work from home as a self-employed; we can help set you up with a registered business.

What About My Accommodation?

We help you find a private house/apartment/flat suitable to your needs in Ireland. We will help with relevant estate/letting agents, private landlords and help you draw and negotiate the terms of your tenancy agreement.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in Ireland?

The law defines the minimum time you have to spend in Ireland is 3 months and a day. After that time we arrange for you to return to the UK with your spouse immediately.

We help arrange all your documents and assist your return to the UK.

Our package includes all costs such as visa fees and application charges. All you pay for are your bills, food and transport and rent.

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