UK Immigration Lawyers

The Immigration legal team at Burlow & Spencer draws its strength from being a leading practitioner in Legal Immigration services, allowing us to offer leading Immigration services across the UK. At Burlow & Spencer, we cover all areas of Immigration Law, from UK visa applications, hearings before Immigration judges at first instance, to appeals in the House of Lords.

We undertake a vast number of cases including:

  • Partner Settlement
  • Short Term Entry
  • Legal Representation
  • Human Rights Act claims
  • Workers Visa
  • Points-Based System
  • Students
  • Corporate Immigration
  • Nationality Law issues

Immigration hearings can contain topics which cross-over into other aspects of our practice, such as honour crime, criminal charges about Immigration offences and extradition. Should any of these occur in your case, you can be certain that Burlow & Spencer can offer a seamless and professional approach to these issues. Our Immigration Lawyers are on hand to assist you with your case; whether you are seeking Asylum or undertaking an appeal process, our Lawyers aim to provide a personal and professional service. Call our team directly now on 08456439753 for immediate lawyer assistance.

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