Burlow and Spencer’s practice is anchored on the wealth of experience of our legal professionals who have embraced their social responsibility of helping people without the means to hire lawyers, thus, limiting their access to the justice system. Providing top-tier legal services to those in need, and without the ability to pay, are a part of a lawyer’s commitment to his community. We at Burlow and Spencer take a firm stance in responding to this noble call.

Our PRO BONO practice’s objective is to represent and provide positive and favourable results, to those in need. Those who ask for PRO BONO assistance are often subjected to harm that is collectively shared. Whether handling cases from indigent litigants, or for cause-oriented groups, we are committed to helping administer justice on a grand scale.

The values of EXCELLENCE and EXPERIENCE are vital to the success of the company’s litigation management of pro bono clients. Our solid track record of case management separates our pro bono handling from other law firms. In the same manner, the breadth of experience of our partners has proven to be vital in giving a solid and reputable stance for our pro bono clients.

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